Testimonials of the law firm

Professional and compassionate service delivered with integrity

We found ourselves in an unplanned situation where we were in a foreign country and had to purchase a property without the ability to speak a word of the language (well, apart from phrase book greetings!). Luckily, we met Jan Fiser, a perfect English speaking Advocate. Everything was clearly explained and good advice given in a hassle free, efficient and friendly manner.

We found him to be a consummate advocate and conscientiously navigated us through the negotiating and conveyancing process. Oh, and his support didn’t stop there. When we needed to do something at the property, stuck with our very limited (well, non-existent) Czech language skills, Jan helped us further. We can’t possibly praise him enough and are happy recommend him. Jan is an excellent English-speaking Advocate.

The Mathiesons, UK 


BlueGhost.cz, s.r.o.

The attorney JUDr. Ing. Jan Fišer provides my firm comprehensive legal services in the area of business law. He We represents my firm in litigation as well as in extrajudicial matters, he also drafts contracts and terms and conditions for my business. He also ensures services of public notaries and provides legal advices. Thanks to his extensive experience and erudition he can provide complete outsourcing of legal service for my company. He works with exceptional quality, fast and flexible.

Ing. Pavel Weber
CEO of BlueGhost.cz, s.r.o.


Sinch, s.r.o.

We cooperate with the law firm FišerLegal since 2014. Provided legal services are professional, they always react promptly to all questions and comments and work quick on our matters. We recommend services of the law firm to everyone.

Jáchym Pospíšil
CEO of Sinch, s.r.o.


Autoškola King s.r.o.

The law firm FišerLegal (Mr. Fišer personal) represents our driving school in areas that demand professional attitude of experts, because we can not afford (being a big company) to experiment in legal areas. The professionalism, expertise and friendly style of the law firm are enought to make us rely on their work in legal services for us.

Bc. Pavel Greiner
CEO of Autoškola King s.r.o.


Barbora Dastychová

I was very contented with the legal services you provided. Because I am not acquainted with law it was for me very important not to only purchase the realty, but also to be informed and instructed what it takes to purchase an immovable. The kind and professional attitude of your law firm pleasantly surprised me, everything was solved very quick. I also appreciate the goodwil and detailed explanation of all issues related to the purchase of my immovable. I believe that I would not be able to comply with the bank's schedule and solve everything in time without your help and prompt response. Thank you very much once more, I will not hesitate to turn to you again.