Civil law

Civil law is the most widespread segment of law and a cornerstone of all private law. It is therefore naturally an important part of our law firm’s legal work. In addition to classical frequently used contracts we also prepare for our clients atypical innominate contracts that take into consideration their specific needs.


Real estate law

We deal with

  • transfers of real estate ownership,
  • land registry proceedings,
  • security instruments in relation to real estates (easements, liens)
  • issues regarding rents, leasing and loans.

We offer a number of complementary services such as attorney-deposit of finances or documents for the convenience of our clients. Our law firm also represents clients in the land registry proceedings.


Housing law

We provide legal services related to housing issues including

  • transfer of ownership of cooperative housing units to private ownership,
  • legal regulation on housing cooperatives,
  • establishment of housing cooperatives.

We offer our clients the possibility of using the services of attorney-deposit to protect their finances.