Corporate law

Management and administration of companies

Issues pertaining to corporations and the proper functioning of business organisations, including company bodies, are an essential part of the day to day agenda of our law firm. Our legal services include in particular comprehensive services in the area of corporate law, especially during establishment, administration and management of corporations, regardless of their legal form.


We focus on consulting services in issues pertaining to

  • proper operations of businesses, including functioning of company bodies and duties and liabilities of their members,
  • obtaining certificates of incorporation, business licences and other similar documents,
  • organising and conducting general meetings, meetings of the board of directors,
  • ensuring that a corporation fulfils its obligations according to specific regulations,
  • realizing an increase in basic capital,
  • representing clients in court proceedings in disputes concerning corporate affairs,
  • preparing legal documentation that establishes the relationships between managers and companies or among shareholders etc.

Our legal services also include representation of clients at general meetings and preparation of contracts on sales of shares in companies. We deal with concern law and make reports on the relations among persons involved.

We offer our clients reliable, timely and effective legal consultation including the notification of obligations connected with the company’s existence.


Establishment and liquidation of companies

The establishment, transformation and liquidation of companies are frequent parts of our work. Our clients can use full services during these processes, including arranging of obtaining business licences and necessary registrations.